Special units: 3555B/3555BO Tessior® Dosiersystem

Portable battery operated dosing system

1 l / 5 l
Operating pressure:
4 bar
Weight when empty:
4,6 kg
Individual packaging:
Colored cardboard box 38,6 x 53,5 x 20 cm
Packing unit:
1 Stück
EAN Code:
Device description:
  • The portable battery-powered dosing system is intended for use with BASF's Tessior® agent.
  • There are 4 dosing modes from 0.15 ml - 0.30 ml per spatter
  • With the ergonomically shaped gun with solenoid valve, only one dose is applied when the trigger is pressed.
  • 3555B: with battery and charger
  • 3555BO: without battery and charger

Special features of the product:
  • Comfortable textile carrying unit with backpack carrying system for back-friendly and efficient work
  • Container lid with suction hose and filter suitable for 1 L and 5 liter Tessior® containers
  • 2 pockets for the battery, personal protective equipment and accessories
  • compatible battery of the FELCO 8011/811/820 Electric Shears can be used
Tessior® video on youtube