Information on SVHC substances

According to the European Chemicals Policy
(1907/2006 REACH), Art. 33, every member in the supply chain must provide information on SVHC substances included in their products, i.e. should the concentration be more than 0.1 mass percentage. In this case, the 0.1 mass percentage does not refer to the product as a whole but rather to each individual part of the final product, e.g. each individual screw.

To our knowledge based on the latest
published SVHC list, lead is the only substance in our products that has more than 0.1 mass percentage. This affects all sprayers of steel and stainless steel as well as those containing brass and aluminium parts, e.g. spray nozzles made of brass.

Should alloys with lead content be
subject to further restrictions in the future, e.g. authorised only for specific uses, this will not be stipulated before 2020.

In the case that lead becomes subject
to approval, the respective transition will take until 2024. However, one can expect that appropriate exceptions will be made because a substitute for alloys containing lead is very limited on the basis of the present state of technology. 

We are monitoring further development
of the regulation and will then comply with the specific requirements for our products.

For any questions, please contact our customer
service and consultants by phone: +49 (0) 71 41/272-0.